Personalized Art

A special occasion or a unique gift? Here’s an idea: personalized art!

I love working on portraits and other personal projects!

Here are a few examples. Please contact me if you have a personal project you’d like done.

This project was for a 70th birthday.

The brief I received was that this lady loves playing the piano, sipping wine and elephants. The art was a surprise gift from her family. The color version was printed on the event invitations, stickers were made, and a black and white version was printed on tote bags for the event.



This portrait was a 40th birthday present. The brief was that she likes posting selfies on Facebook. She’s a dedicated cook and baker, wine expert, has two cats and a sheep collection. It was printed on paper and framed.



Another birthday present. This little guy likes space Lego and Sonic the hedgehog. The art printed beautifully on canvas.


I also create illustrations for blogs or articles. This one for example is an illustration for the blog Beyond Version 1.0.



The following is a badge I created for a family reunion, celebrating 50th anniversary. It was printed on t-shirts and stickers.


This one was also for a family reunion vacation, depicting the pets left at home:

vacation 2014

Price: $99 per person featured (payable by Paypal). Thanks!