Tel Aviv, 1995

I was busy recently and didn’t post much. Here’s what kept me so busy…
This is the product of a comics workshop I took, lead by Orit Arif.

For you English speakers I added translation under the strips.

Please note that the strips are read from right to left

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Tel Aviv 1995, by Gaby Kasan, 2015

Tel Aviv 1995, by Gaby Kasan, 2015

line 01

She was an art student

line 02

They met after Rabin’s assassination. He was an engineering student.

line 03

He shared a run-down apartment with a roommate. Pretty soon it was clear that he’s the one, and she moved in with him.

line 04

The new couple worked hard to make the roommate, an anthropology student, feel unwanted.

line 05

A cousin visiting from Paris came to the rescue. It was love at first sight. She packed him up and they left together.

line 06

and the rest is history. (The last scene is at Rabin’s assassination site. The character is telling the story: “here is where he went downstairs”)